• 100% recyclable at kerbside.

  • 100% reusable.

  • 100% soft plastic recyclable.

  • Soft Plastic Recycling Programme Member

  • I am for the planet

Our canisters

We have two aluminium canisters that can be used to store our collagen powders or capsules ensuring they remain light-free and air-tight.  Made from aluminium, an infinitely recyclable material, but also infinitely reusable for your i.am.me products or other items.  The larger canister is paired with an stainless steel spoon for an enhanced dosing experience.

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Our pouches

Our soft-plastic pouch is light on weight and thus on transport emissions.  Made from a highly recyclable plastic, we take that one step further and provide you with a postage-paid envelope to ensure it goes on to have a second life as a fence post.

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Our starter packs

Made from high-quality card and printed with eco inks to reduce toxin contamination.  These boxes can simply be broken down and recycled at your kerbside.

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