i.am Collagen 2.0

Not all collagens are equal. Our evidence-based formulations focus on high-potency marine collagen peptides, superpowered by digestible keratin and biotin to support strong hair, nails and skin.

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Collagen 2.0

I am your beauty bestie. Call me Collagen 2.0.
Superpowered by keratin for optimal health of hair, skin and nails

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Our why

While our bodies naturally produce collagen and keratin, from the age of 25 they start producing less.  Evidenced by reduced skin elasticity, brittle nails, hair shedding, weakening muscles and joint pain.

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Infinitely reusable and recyclable aluminium canisters

i.am a movement to circularity

Our purpose is to provide a highly efficacious product, harnessing nature’s most powerful ingredients, contained in packaging that is recyclable and reusable, and a system that will make this circularity easy for the people who choose to make a difference.

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Our story

We want to inspire and lead a generation of people toward accepting their bodies with all flaws and imperfections, because real people are our muses and everyday superheroes. 

Our mission is to enhance the natural beauty of every person, with a positive impact on well-being and our planet.  

We believe passionately in natural beauty, and providing access to grounded in science, biologically active, high potency formulations that deliver the best possible results.  Whether that is to support hair growth, nail health or dewy, glowy skin. 

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